A Guide to Fun In London

A Guide to Fun In London

When many people think of London outsider may think of a very cold and dreary place. A few landmarks and tourist attractions may come to mind. Some might come to take a gander at Big Ben or perhaps sneak a peak at the queen’s life at Buckingham palace. Beyond that not much may be known about what to do on a night out. Believe it or not, there’s actually a whole lifestyle you might not even know about, and a great deal of happens at night when the sun goes down and the lights turn on.

1. Have a Laugh
Some people say that British humor is dry, but there are many who -when they open their minds a bit, find it witty and delightful, and yes there’s MUCH more to it than what you may have seen from the Monty Python boys. There are many great comedy clubs to be seen, but if you’re in on a Monday night you might want to pay a visit to the pub at the Royal Stratford East Theatre where every week they host a laugh a minute at their weekly comedy night. Best of all, admission is completely free of charge.

2. Take a Walk on the High End
If you are one of the Buckingham types, you might be interested to know that there’s much more to the high and sophisticated life than just the palace. There are many sights and cultural attractions that can add a dash of class to your London tour. You can for example pay a visit to the Royal Opera House, one of the great opera houses in the world. In addition to the traditional opera the house has also introduced many new spectacles and attractions to attract a new audience. There are always performances and even great films to be seen, and if you book in advance you can even enjoy a behind the scenes tour.

3. Hit up The Clubs
London offers vibrant night life, especially for the club and dance enthusiasts that abound there. There’s no shortage of discos and raves, and there are more night clubs than can be counted. Fabric is one that comes highly recommended among locals and visitors alike. Built into a former meat warehouse it offers a combination of the best in electronic music and a lively “underground” feeling environment.

4. Go on an Adventure With The Kids
There are many attractions for the whole family that the kids will love and the parents will enjoy with their families. There are shows, entertainment, and of course no shortage of adventures you can all enjoy. One fun visit would be to the Shrek’s Adventure. Here you’ll encounter not just Shrek but all his friends and the beloved character you know and love from the movies, including your hostess on the tour princess Fiona. Shortly after arriving she’ll board you on a bus to Shrek’s Swamp. It was designed partially inspired by styling of a similar attraction, The London Dungeon, also a fun adventure.

As you can there is something for everyone in London night and day. Arriving will only be the beginning of your many adventures to come.