Sounds of Christmas: Lift Your Spirits in London

christmas carol singers LondonSounds of Christmas: Lift Your Spirits in London

If you’re feeling a bit of doom and gloom that’s all too common for some people this time of year, you should consider lifting your spirits with the power of music. Whether you’re feeling up or down this time of year the Christmas Carol Concerts of London are sure to give you the lift you need. With the many eclectic musical tastes and styles you’ll be surprised to know that there’s a little bit of something for everyone no matter what suits your personal desires and leanings.

Christmas Carols London

At Eltham Palace for example you may enjoy some traditional carols to get you in the mood. Taking place at the palace on 30 November. Your ticket includes a chilled glass of wine or if alcohol isn’t for you, a sweet soft drink. Similarly you could warm your heart with the gentle tunes of a children’s choir at St. Paul’s cathedral, which goes all out for their Christmas style and festivities. On 13 December the little ones will be singing in the “Childline’s Merry Little Christmas Carol Concert”

If you’re feeling naughty rather than nice however, we suggest on 13 December in Granary Square that you instead attend an “Alternative Christmas Carol” concert. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a nice glass of mulled wine as you listen to some rather edgy carols including a few irreverent renditions of some of Mariah Careys Christmas classic.

As you’ll soon begin to see with a growing variety of Christmas carol and music concerts popping up throughout the city there is plenty to do in London. And to the backdrop of the stunning lights as you listen you’ll find that there’s not just plenty to see but plenty to hear this Christmas season as well. In fact you’ll find, I daresay, that’s there’s no place more in tune with the Christmas spirit to visit than the jolly old city itself, and when the clock strikes midnight on Christmas eve Big Ben will be adding his own chorus to the mix as he sounds his agreement.