Private Hostesses

hire a hostessHire A Private Hostess

We hire private hostesses anywhere in the UK. You can hire a local hostess to go to a restaurant, if you are new to town to show you around or just someone to go with you to a party or event. Our male and female hostesses are hired on a strictly platonic and professional basis and always meet in a public location.

Hire Professional Hostesses for Meetings

You may be coming into town and have a meeting and don’t particularly want to attend alone, hiring one of our professional people who can come along in any capacity you require. You can even give us details about the meeting and they can read up before you meet.

Hire a hostess to show you around town!

You may be in a city you have never visited before, why not hire a local person to show you around town. They can give you first hand information, show you the sites, best places to eat and where to avoid.

You may be travelling for business and just looking to find local people to go out to dinner with or just a few drinks.

To find out more details on our services and get prices to hire hostesses click here to email us your hostess requirements.